Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Out With The Old

Word came down recently that the Nixon HS Annex building was going to be torn down to make way for tennis courts.  It was reported that the building itself was approximately 20 years old.

The project is part of the LISD bond plan that will also have the magnet school (music) move from the downtown area into a brand spanking new edifice across the street from the high school on Malinche Ave.  Good deal for the kids.  But where were the new facilities for us?  [I digress]

I noticed an old building on Chihuahua was torn down this weekend.  The two-story structure used to be a retail outlet for school supplies, if I remember correctly.  And more recently a local artist rented out the bottom floor to use as his studio.  The property that extends from the building pictured towards Guadalupe St. was also cleared.  It's a big enough piece of land for commercial space, but we'll wait and see what becomes of it.

Pretty soon the old Riverdrive Mall will be torn down to accommodate the outlet mall.  When will the day come when the old Mercy Hospital meets the wrecking ball?

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