Tuesday, October 28, 2014

In Large Part

The Slaughter Park is getting a nice tree house-looking playground amenity.  New trails are also in the works, as well as a water feature.  Ground-breaking for Slaughter goes back to early 2008.  Soccer and baseball fields were the first to be installed.  

It's a nice place for some outdoor play.  I highly recommend people visiting it in the Chacon neighborhood.

What is bound to come is an announcement that the new playground equipment was added in large part by Councilman Alejandro Perez.  I got word that a playground was installed in or around Ryan Elementary School, and that Perez placed a sign (like the one pictured above) on it, taking credit for the project.  No doubt the finished product at the Slaughter Park will end up on his Facebook feed too.

The "Another District 3 Project" sign (pictured) is out of place, it seems.  Why is it on, what looks like, private property?  Did somebody take liberty with the placement of the sign?  Who knows.

I know I ask people to put their best foot forward, sometimes moreso than what I ask of myself, but wouldn't it be nice to see a sign that gives credit to the community development department, parks and leisure, and maybe even to the taxpayers of Laredo for having varied amenities added to all of its neighborhoods?  Alex Perez should be given his due, but he couldn't have possibly done it all by himself.

Just a simple shoutout is all I ask for, that's all.  


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