Friday, October 3, 2014

Business As Usual

KGNS followed up yesterday with Jorge Vera's case by basically saying that there's nothing new to report.  Mr. Vera spoke with a station reporter, saying he's letting voters decide next month whether he should be recalled or not.  Judging by public comments on his Facebook page, it looks like his constituents only care about what he can do for them right now.  I don't know if he's filtering out any negative comments, but Mr. Vera and the people of District 7 are pretty much letting the legal process work itself out.

I strongly believe a person should be considered innocent until proven guilty; But the report that was submitted by police against Jorge Vera looks very damaging.  I would venture to guess that nobody around him has told him that this looks very bad.

He's probably expecting to be offered a very generous plea offer.  And he's hoping his constituents can look past his private foibles, as long as he promises to keep the streets clean.  Surely he knows that his peers at city hall will just look the other way and not utter a word about his actions.  But everybody from the DA's office to his colleagues, possibly giving him a pass, tells us that he and others like him should not be held to a higher standard.

The outcome of this saga will speak volumes about our community.  Again, judging by the police report, witness accounts, and Councilman Juan Narvaez saying that Mr. Vera's arrest should come as no surprise, it really looks like Jorge Vera has an addiction problem and should be dealt with appropriately.  It's looking more and more, however, like all the key players are not taking a zero tolerance attitude with this issue.  Nothing to do now but wait.

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