Thursday, October 2, 2014

A Journal Of The 956

Readers of LareDOS were surprised this week with the news that the current issue would be the last.  Publisher Meg Guerra bid everyone farewell with a heartfelt telling of the struggles the paper has endured over the years.  It wasn't an easy decision for her to finally let go, but she knew it was coming.
It has been far more difficult to turn the page on this, the final chapter of this news journal, than it was to start it in December 1994 with my then-partner Richard Geissler.    
Meg's followers expressed their dismay on social media, along with words of gratitude.  What I'll miss from LareDOS are the intelligent, thoughtful stories that Meg provided.  With her mighty pen she drew for us a beautiful picture of the world near us.  She also gave us a monthly helping of muckraking that was articulate and intriguing.  The few times that we spoke in person were more impressive, not only because of the wealth of information she has on local history, but simply because of the way she spoke.  Her words are genuine, smart and flow with ease.

It's unclear what Meg will do from now on.  I can only hope that she will have some type of presence in the community.  I fully appreciate the feat she has accomplished these last two decades.  I wish her the best.  Much love, Meg!      

UPDATE on 4/28/2016:

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  1. It was a sad day for Laredo as the last print issue was distributed.