Monday, September 15, 2014

More Campaign Signs

Local campaign signs are a funny thing.  I noticed that early on.  For the most part, candidates fork out money to have some professional-grade signage made.  Usually they're huge, colorful, and they drown out the homemade campaign signs of others.  This year's notable sign has to be that of Dr. Pena, who is running for mayor of Rio Bravo.  It's a very busy sign.

On the upper left hand corner it reads SI SE PUEDE.  He sports his labcoat and stethescope, and poses with fellow supporters/candidates.  Right under him you see the words: El Doc.  But the cherry on top is the soundoff, VOTAS O TE VALE.  Because, of course, he's going in as the populist candidate.

Not sure if the doctor is a resident of Rio Bravo, or if people care.

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