Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Ignorance Will Be Mine

I used to enjoy listening to political discussions on t.v. and radio.  Unfortunately most exchanges took on an adversarial tone.  I left behind such shows as Crossfire, and Meet The Press.  In the late 90s I remember 1490 AM hosting a political talk show with local voices.  Oftentimes the commentary wasn't that smart, but still I listened.  My writings are antagonistic, and at times, not that thoughtful; so I don't begrudge anyone who dislikes me or my views.  That's why my blog is now more on the down low.  I can articulate my thoughts on issues without the expectation of approval or loyalty.

Getting back to adversarial and un-thoughtful, last night I watched part of the city council meeting where they discussed the used tire ordinance.  A female tire shop owner spoke to council of the $20 fee that would be imposed for every tire a customer decided to take home.  She thought the cost was exorbitant for her customers.  Clients patronize her establishment because they don't have a lot of money to spend, she lamented, and adding extra fees would not be helpful.  Councilman Alex Perez motioned to table the item to come up with another solution, but ultimately, the council agreed to lower the tax to $10 per tire.

I don't recall how previous talks developed on this issue.  But last night city council was ready to move on and they made a meaningless gesture for the working poor.  They all agreed on the motion, the mayor pounded his gavel, and it was over.  When the lady tried to speak again, the mayor flatly told her that the matter was done.  She was bewildered and slowly walked away.  Our thoughtless elders muddled on.

I contacted several council members via text to voice my displeasure of their hurried, insensitive demeanor.  A couple replied, one even dialing me up.  We had a serious talk about the night's event.  Ultimately they all chipped away at my sanity and the matter of discarded tires on city streets is no better off towards a solution.

Stay away, I must.  I don't have the patience for this.  

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