Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Er, Uh, And So Forth

Even when addressing the media, Councilman Jorge Vera can't get his story straight.
I owe it to my constituents to, to come up and say something.  So I'm thinking in a week or two I should be, in a week or week and a half, I should be ready to have something concrete where I can explain, er, and uh, and  uh, and come up to the media, or to, uh, the constituents.
Mr. Vera turned himself in to police August 1, 2014 after cocaine was found in his truck, which was parked outside Average Joes on July 29, 2014.  The night he was questioned at the northside bar, he gave conflicting statements that went against a friend's claims.

He's still not doing a good job of trying to clear his name.

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