Monday, September 22, 2014

Did You Get One?

I discovered something new in the stack of junk mail relatives receive: applications for absentee ballots.  This I had not seen being offered in the past.

These mailers seem to be geared towards retired voters.  (I'm checking with friends and relatives to see who got this in the mail.)  The deadline to return this application is October 24, 2014.

This is part of the same application.  Near the resident's address (on reverse side), a disclaimer is included:  Paid for by the Texas Democratic Party.  On the TX Dems website, there is such a thing as a voter expansion project.

My mother received a different application in the mail, with a different return PO Box address from the one pictured above.  The only similarity the mailers share is the OFFICIAL ELECTION MAIL stamp that has a wavy background image.

This is a great resource for voters who have mobility issues.  In the case of my mother, I have to drive her to the polls.  But it's interesting that relatives who reside within blocks of each other got totally different absentee ballot applications in their mailbox.  Just the fact that they received unsolicited forms in the mail, in a red state, is curious.  And why the different PO Boxes?  This could all be on the up-and-up, with the democratic party trying to increase voter turnout; It's just that there is no uniformity in the process, and it's something we didn't expect.



  1. I wonder if the local Democratic Party knows more about this.... hmmm...

  2. Not by what the local party chair told me. It's a non-issue even though there are many questions to have answered. Hey, I actually had somebody comment on a blog post!!!!!