Thursday, August 28, 2014

My City Tis Of Thee

Pictured above is a large, vacant lot near Cigarroa High School.  Green spaces are admirable, even if they get a little shaggy.  In their most unkemptness, open spaces break up the monotony of our concrete jungle.  Many a Laredoan is used to a tidy environment.  I, for one, don't mind polishing up the edges of our landscape, but there's something to be said for public land kept in its natural state.

The tire (and not pictured: a five-gallon container) must go, along with large pieces of trash.

Speaking of open spaces, I got to thinking of the supposed dearth of parking in the downtown area.  People are constantly complaining about the lack of parking downtown.  I took to Google Maps to stake out the privately owned parking lots available for visitors.  The city block labeled with a diamond above is occupied by the parking garage owned by the city.  The stars denote private lots.  Add to that all the metered spaces.

There is parking downtown.  No se hagan mensos!  

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