Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Laredo's Greatest Hits

Yet another report of a driver crashing into a home.  The incident occurred early Sunday morning, with the female driver abandoning the vehicle after it crashed into a home in the Los Presidentes subdivision.

This kind of story pops up every now and then, like prostitution stings, or 8 liner business busts.  We've dedicated blog time to hookers being rounded up on San Bernardo Ave. but I've never given a second thought to property being destroyed by reckless drivers.  It's a miracle more people haven't died from these types of crashes.

If my blog needed a theme or direction, this could be it.  I could just focus on property damage caused by accident and I would never run out of material.  Hell, just last week the Pizza Hut on Guadalupe caught fire after a delivery truck hit a power line.  And sometimes it's not really known who caused the damage.  I'll be driving through town and notice a fence bashed in, or a street sign taken down.

The yearly costs of this happening must be astronomical.  Not only does the property owner have to shell out money for repairs, but if caught, the person who caused the damage loses out as well by having to pay citations, towing fees, car repairs, etc.        

I used to think that Laredo was safe but I'm starting to doubt that.

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