Monday, July 21, 2014

Happy Anniversary To The Ramoses

While perusing the Sunday paper yesterday I totally missed the announcement of Andy Ramos' wedding anniversary.  Mr. Ramos is a former county judge.  And he was also involved in the weatherization scandal from a few years ago in which his home was worked on as part of a federal grant program.  The county is still managing all the moving parts of that scandal (CAA approved people hastily for home weatherization work; contractors did work; feds learned of improper administration of grant program; feds withheld grant money; contractors got angry and sued county).

Last month the county settled with at least one contracting service.

So back to Andy Ramos.  I don't know the man personally and I can't say how opportunistic he is, but he did take advantage of a grant program available for needy citizens.  He may have qualified for services, or not, even though his own son is a contractor who could've done the work for nothing.

Whatever the case, Mr. Ramos and his wife went to Spain to celebrate their wedding anniversary, compliments of their kids.  That's cool that they could do that.  What's not cool is that their name is attached to one of Webb County's most egregious scandals that saw no one go to jail.  And what's not cool is that the Ramos siblings cannot chip in for new windows on the old man's house, but they can spring for a trip to Spain.  Must be nice to be them.

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