Thursday, June 12, 2014

This Is Partly Why Laredo Sucks

I thought I was the only person Charlie San Miguel took to ignoring, but judging from several comments recently, it seems to be a trend.  Not all local politicos act this way; some have taken the time to respond to my questions via texts or phone calls.  Even if they don't answer my questions, or I don't like their answers, I appreciate the time they took to speak to me personally.

I'm looking to contact my councilman via snail mail.  He didn't respond to my last text, so plan B is to write to him.  I want to see if he utilizes his home office allowance.  Three years ago city council upped the amount that they could recover for office supplies and what not.

The Op/Ed submission (pictured above) is exactly the kind of thing that turns people off to politics.  When people wonder why voters don't vote, it's because of things like this.    

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