Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Don't Overreact They Say

Here are some of my favorite comments regarding Cliven Bundy, the Nevada rancher who is fighting the federal government over land use.  Bundy said some pretty racist things.

 His statement is NOT racist. He is explaining how government dependency has destroyed the family compared to even when they were picking cotton. Listen and stop allowing government and media to feed you what to think. No racism in this video. Wake up. Think for yourself. Stop screaming and seeing racism in everything. This administration is dividing us all.
you all should see the video before passing judgement...... ............ i did and it did not seem like he was saying racist comments. Even tho the media has said so.........
 There is no media any more. They're just mouth pieces for political agendas. Pull the race card... try to discredit the man. That's from the first page of the playbook.
When all else fails for the gov, pull out the race card. Most of y'all would be lying if you said you've never at some point criticized people of different race
 The government will do and say anything to have their way. If it takes convincing the country that this man is racist, then that is what they will do. Try to see beyond all the lights and curtains.
Alot of people have pulled out the race card once in a while. You'd be lying to yourself if you believe this wonderful little world of yours is free of racism. Get over it.
 I still support his efforts against our federal government. Obama and Holder are bigots and no one says shit about it.

Not a good showing from several LMT readers.  Of course, they'll say that people like me are overreacting, or sensitive participants in a politically correct world.  They'll do everything to try to detract attention from the fact that Mr. Bundy thinks that the "Negro" is better off being a slave.  I'm the one being divisive, it would be assumed by my would be detractors, and not the Archie Bunker wannabe who is griping over land use fees in Nevada.  

I especially like the comment about Cliven Bundy not being racist because one of his bodyguards is black.  It's like the person close to me that claimed 'Donald Sterling is not racist because he's dating a black woman, case closed.'  

I guess I can agree that Bundy and Sterling are not racists; they just say racist things.  And locals don't see the problem in that.  

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