Thursday, March 20, 2014

Mike Montemayor Arrested Yesterday

Webb County Commissioner Mike Montemayor was arrested yesterday on bribery charges.  The news was a shock to me.  I voted for Montemayor and thought he was a genuine person with a desire to better the community.  But it's alleged that he took gifts before he officially took office on January 2013.  It goes to show what a bad judge of character I am.

Reaction on social media outlets yesterday was predictable.  People chimed in that corrupt behavior was nothing new here and that it was to be expected.  The cynicism is understandable, given Laredo's storied past of corrupt officials.  Perhaps it's easier in Laredo to fall astray, but we can't think that it doesn't happen elsewhere.

Any position of power is bound to breed corruption.

Look at the story of Virginia Governor McDonnell.  He's facing charges of taking a boatload of expensive gifts.  Look at the San Antonio attorney guilty of bribing a judge.  And Laredo is corrupt, sure, but it's no New Jersey.  Or is it?  The accounts of wrongdoing are endless.

As more details of Montemayor's case come forward, perhaps I can offer more input.  For now we can only speculate at how Webb County proceeds into the future.  Gawd help us all.

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