Wednesday, September 11, 2013

It Makes Sense To Them

Laredo for a long time was lacking in park space.  Fortunately the city has made strides in recent years to provide the public with green spaces that lend themselves to recreational activities.  Now that the Civic Center has been sold to LISD, city officials decide to spend most of the money on a new sports complex.  Councilman Esteban Rangel:
I think having a facility that we're going to be able to have kids being able to either play here and not having to go out of town, and then, at the same time we have Uni-Trade Stadium to have it as a big game winner, you know.  So, I mean, it's these types of amenities that we could tack on to our resume as a city.
Apparently Mr. Rangel thought he was the best choice on council to sell this idea to the public.  (fail)  And he thinks that there is a baseball tournament market that we haven't tapped in to.  (eh?) 

I agree that some parts of the city still need park space that can add interest to particular districts.  But I don't understand why Esteban Rangel is putting this forth like it's something we've needed all along.  The focus is going to be on baseball fields?  I thought Laredo got along well during the Border Olympics, but apparently there's something I'm just not getting.  

Maximiliano at LaredoTejas ponders the legality of using the funds for different purposes.

The city is putting some of the money into the general fund, and the rest into a new sports complex.  So basically the money is being used as the city wishes.  Let's ponder, for a while, how the city has unloaded some of its property on LISD while it's adopted a new building downtown, the old federal courthouse.  That on top of other property that has sat stagnant for many years:  The Plaza Theater, the Southern Hotel, and four plazas that haven't been updated in years.  And how can I forget the Chacon Hike & Bike Trail that hasn't progressed anywhere towards completion. 

I would think that if outlet stores were going to open in downtown Laredo soon, then the city would work on projects in the area to draw even more attention to it.  But that's just me -- a person who doesn't know shit from Shinola. 

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