Monday, September 16, 2013

Aldo's 100th

Odie Arambula tells us that the inner workings of local government are as crooked as ever.  Apparently not much has changed from the old days.

As a friend close to activities at the municipal airport explained,  "Little has changed from the old ways of doing things.  Then there were just a few.  Now, we have many.  Conveniently, as opposed to other times, we now accommodate wrongdoers with retirement to prevent loss of benefits."

One has to be determined and meticulous in weeding out any wrongdoing, as a source notes for today's Monday Wash.

I think Mr. Arambula's column is perfect for today because it's Aldo Tatangelo's birthday.  He would've been 100 today.  The former mayor replaced corrupt politician J.C. Martin Jr., a man who proudly informed Bill Moyers how local voters were instructed to vote. 

When most people are preoccupied, or not, with el 16 de Septiembre, or the unpredictable hurricane season, perhaps it's a good thing to recall how local politics is not always on the up and up.

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