Thursday, August 1, 2013

Think Of The Money

In the El Mañana newspaper, Sergio Mora Benavides takes issue with the city’s handling of its yearly budget.  He noted that in recent years the budget has been continuously short in the millions of dollars, and city staff responds with a “band-aid” in solving its major fiscal problems.  Mr. Benavides points to the city’s propensity for traveling to Austin in droves, even though we have representatives who are responsible for advocating for us.  And on top of yearly deficits, the city manager is awarded a hefty increase in pay.  City Manager Carlos Villarreal recently said that “the city is running out of options to plug the holes.”  Of course, we got hit with a $3 hike in our garbage (taxes) fees not too long ago; and now they hit the commuting public with an increase in bridge (taxes) fees.  Yet we never hear about city hall taking one for the team, of them doing with less.  What we hear instead is money being tight all over and employees having to endure salary freezes.  For once I would like to hear our city leaders forego their operating expenses.  

A local citizen details in a letter to the editor the expenses that city officials rack up.


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