Friday, August 23, 2013

Friday Free Form Thread

The city held a press conference today to officially open the Charlie San Miguel's parents swimming pool in north Laredo.  10:30 a.m. is not really a good time to have dignitaries available when people are off working, or getting stuff ready for their kids going back to school on Monday.  People won't be getting in the way of their photo ops, so there's that.  But really, who would want to go to the event and see Charlie San Miguel in his dad (jeans) swim trunks?

As I understand it, there wasn't a lot of promotion for the event.  That's a good way of keeping things all to the northside yourself.  

On the other side of Webb County, visitors are all aghast.  (via Twitter)

And Rosaura (I won't call her Wawi) Tijerina puts on a good show for the crowd.

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