Wednesday, July 24, 2013

But I Digress

KGNS featured a story yesterday about a Nuevo Laredo YouTube video.  The newscasters showed a brief glimpse of the amateur footage; You can see the whole video here.  The eight-minute piece entitled "Este Es Nuevo Laredo" is basically of a roving reporter, of sorts, driving down Guerrero Ave., capturing life on a typical day.  I think the purpose of the video is to show people how the city maintains some semblence of normalcy.  It's a good approach, even though some people have made up their minds about Nuevo Laredo and its history with cartel violence.
  Of course, no discussion about our sister city would be complete without a comment from our camera-friendly mayor.  This is what he had to say:
I'm a man of faith.  And I think on both sides of the border we need faith.  And maybe it's time to bring God closer to the issue for resolution. 
You can see his comments here.
I'm a little confused by his remarks.  Not because he invokes God, but because he thinks that the Almighty hasn't been brought into the fray by Nuevo Laredoans.  I'm sure they pray every single day for the safety of their loved ones.  But perhaps it's not even them that he's directing his comments to.  It's anybody's guess.  What I take most from it is that he suggests that all other options have been exhausted, and now all that can be done is to leave Nuevo Laredo's problems in the hands of God.

Mayor Salinas may say he's a man of the people.  Probably.  But he's no public speaker, that's for sure.

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