Monday, June 10, 2013

99 Days Till Blog Anniversary

I saw "Promised Land," starring Matt Damon, this weekend.  The movie goes through the life of an energy company representative who is sent to a small, rural community with the goal of winning over the people on the benefits of leasing their land for natural gas exploration.  The movie touched on some of the politics involved within the corporate culture, and how that spills over into the communities in need of revitalization.  I think the story made some valid points in regards to land stewardship.  Some of the public concerns were played out overtly, but there was one scene that conveyed a subtle message about wealth.  Matt Damon gives a girl $1 for a homemade lemonade.  The young saleslady insists on giving him change for the 25-cent drink.  Contrived and cynical, perhaps, but nevertheless a worthwhile example for society.       

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