Monday, May 20, 2013

Victoria Day Thread

Yesterday I went in to a local Wendy's on San Bernardo Ave. to get a couple of burgers.  There was a line at the drive-thru, as well as inside.  Even though my order was small compared to the other customers, my wait was just as extended.  The clerk, being mindful of the time between my order being placed and getting the bag in my hand, offered me a top-up on my lemonade.  I declined but appreciated her attentiveness to customer service.
Saturday night, in between SNL sketches, Richard Noriega popped up on the small screen plugging the Sunday edition of the Laredo Times.  (It's odd how he's never too far away.)  It's interesting to have one media outlet using the services of another.  It points, I guess, to the changing nature of print media.

It's my neighborhood's turn to have a city-sponsored clean up.  In my mailbox I found a flier urging me to have any unwanted items on the curb Wednesday morning.  In the eleven years that the Keyroses have lived in the Chacon, we've never gotten a personal notice for an upcoming trash round up.  You know I'm too cynical when I think it's being done because of the elections next year.  On the bright side, I'm thankful that my neighbors don't have a lot of junk set out for Wednesday's event. 

Last thing.  I attended the graduation ceremony at TAMIU Saturday morning.  Congrats to my friend for obtaining his graduate degree.  What wasn't so pleasant was having to sit through the mayor's unprepared comments.  You would think that after seven years in office he would become a better speaker, but no.  He probably thinks he's a good ad libber.  Either that or he knows that nobody is paying attention.


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