Friday, May 24, 2013

Bully Thread

The matter of Los Olvidados and Wilkinson Metal is getting serious. 

Residents living across the street from the metal recycling business have had enough of the noise, rumbling, and debris.  They've contacted city leaders, and have made their concerns known to the business owner.  Now they've filed a lawsuit because nothing is getting done.

Wilkinson, however, is standing his ground.  After he was interviewed by KGNS, he taunted the attorney representing the residents.

We were here first.  This is our land and they're not pushing us off.  (directs himself at attorney)  YOU GOT THAT BUDDY?!  WE AIN'T GOING NOWHERE!

This is definitely a contentious issue.  The homeowners are tired of this matter being dragged out.  And Mr. Wilkinson has to worry about his livelihood.  However, acting like a bully in front of the cameras is counterproductive.  We'll keep watching.

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