Monday, April 1, 2013

They Meet Tonight

The south Laredo library is projected to be open in December of this year.  Just in time for my birthday!


It's funny to see the mayor talk about the need for efficiency of cargo being crossed into the United States.  See-questration would severely alter that process.  It's natural to be concerned, especially when trade is our bread and butter.  But then KGNS cuts to a clip of a stalled train blocking traffic near downtown.  How's that for efficient trade, mayor?!

And this just in to the LaSanbe newsroom:

A reader is curious about supposed back taxes owed to local entities on the part of city land.  The land, where the Town Center mall will be built, will be sold by the city tonight.  Is this property up for auction?

KGNS reported today that the Town Center sale includes $2.1 million in back rent to the city.  Too many questions.  And I'm guessing the city is just going to breeze through this agenda item faster than you can say San Miguel sons.

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