Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Music All Around

Mine eyes ears got a treat some days ago.  I was busy at home when "Just Another Love Song" by the Allman Brothers Band came on.  The song is found on the 1975 album Win, Lose or Draw.  I had never heard it but the crisp, bluesy guitar made me pause.  At first I thought it was The Grateful Dead.  However, this group hailed from Florida.

The song is interesting in that it blends a laid-back rhythm section, wistful lyrics, and a dreamy guitar part.  The Allman Brothers are considered a jam band but the song I'm talking about and "Midnight Rider," which appears in a Geico commercial, are less than three minutes long.  If I could say anything about their material it's that it's good traveling music. 

Skynyrd has become a punchline.  The Allman Brothers give southern rock respect.

In new music news, !!! has a new album out.

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