Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Inside Track On Contracts

Tom at Wake Up Laredo gives props to city staff for tabling the city council agenda item that would have awarded a contract to a person who is known by a committee member who is tasked with making selections for the city.  At issue is the work to maintain the Zacate Creek, among other areas within Laredo. 

Mr. Jerome Rosales of JR Landscaping informed city council Monday night that his lower bid, and previous exemplary work for the city was passed over because of the relationship between one of the other bidders and a city committee member.  Mr. Rosales feels the selection process was unfair because a conflict of interest exists.

Let me see if I get the relationship right:  The committee member's deceased brother was married to the sister of the favored bidder.  The LMT cited state law in their coverage of the story today:
"The ending of a marriage by divorce or the death of a spouse ends relationships by affinity created by that marriage unless a child of that marriage is living, in which case the marriage is considered to continue as long as a child of that marriage lives," state law says.
Like Tom Wade said, it'll be interesting to see what becomes of this.  Will Mr. Rosales, who is bidding lower for the contract, be weeded out because of a technicality, because he rents his equipment?  Should that matter when a lower bid is concerned?

City Manager Carlos Villarreal responded by saying that he had no knowledge of any relationships that existed in this particular bidding process, and therefore offered to table the item in order to look into the matter.

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