Tuesday, March 26, 2013

We Always Need More Roads

It was two weeks ago that city hall went to Washington to "lobby" for money.  And it was last week that the mayor's shorts got all in a bind over criticism about taking such trips.  Time will tell whether the city's efforts will pan out.  From the local Dept. of Transportation:

Local city and county elected officials have discussed the issue of road construction between FM 1472 (Mines Rd.) Webb Co. to FM 1021 (El Indio Rd.) in Maverick Co., however, there is no funding for this locally proposed project. TxDOT can only provide guidance to local governments on this local driven project.
Council man Jorge Vera is pushing for the El Indio Rd. project.  Charisma don't fail him now. 

The mayor urged city staff last week to provide the media with a list of past lobbying successes.  I'm not holding my breath but I would like to see that story written.

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