Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Unique Laredo

A family member who lives in the valley recently told me about Elon Musk, an entrepreneur that's looking to set up a rocket launch site in Brownsville, TX.  The prospect sounds promising if not for the fact that public land in Texas is not to be used for this sort of thing.

Even more hopeful for the valley is the establishment of a medical school.  The medical program could be up and running by as soon as 2016, and it could help in meeting the demand for doctors in Texas.

Meanwhile, in our neck of the woods, C.Y. Benavides wants to set up a new landfill in eastern Webb County.  And an oil and gas company wanted to open a wastewater pit in Los Botines.

Each community has its different set of assets to work with.  It's just amazing sometimes the difference in priorities that each one has.

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