Thursday, March 7, 2013

The Richard Raymond In All Of Us

Quote courtesy of Rio Grande Guardian's Twitter page.

Apparently there's a large Eagle Ford Shale conference in San Antonio today and our very own Richard Raymond entertained the masses with his intellectual prowess.  But I don't want to talk about the shale play as much as this community's, and the rep's take on the environment.  Simply put, we're not into the environment.  Oh sure there might be some in the 956 who want to make a diffence, like the 48 percent of people who took part in the plastic bag ban survey and support the measure.  But for the most part, conservation is not what I would call a buzz word in this neck of the woods.

I don't know if it's apathy, denial, or just a fear of change.  Rep. Richard Raymond's dismissal of our concern for the environment comes from years of political experience, and a donation here and there.  Ours comes from a lack of guidance and will.  And I don't think it's a Hispanic thing because Brownsville has a bag ban in place.  (A co-worker thought that my argument was inspired by race.)

The majority of Laredoans act on behalf of the environment only if there's something in it for them.  We recycle cans to get spare change.  We pick up used tires and turn them in for spare change.  And we turn off the light in the other room only because it's costing us money.  Talk about real change and we zone out.  


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