Saturday, March 30, 2013

Cascaron Weekend Thread

The local outdoor tourism industry slowly hobbles along.  Apart from the scenic river route for kayaking, Laredo has made strides in recent years with its birding festival, and several off-road bicycling trails.  Add to that all the 5K road races that are held here and it's obvious that the locals like the outdoors.

In other news, the whole world now knows that Tony Romo has a new contract that extends his stay with the Dallas Cowboys another six years.  I don't dislike Tony or the 'boys, but it's weird that he would get so much more time added when you consider how long he's been playing.  It seems nowadays that quarterbacks don't get too much time to prove themselves.  John Elway, and Dan Marino had long careers with their respective teams.  Perhaps Jerry Jones thinks that Romo will follow in their footsteps.

A friend asked me about the state reducing the number of tests required to graduate from high school.  Legislators want to reduce the number of tests significantly.  If I had personal experience in education, my input would have some worth, but in casually following what people have had to say about testing at the grade school level and beyond is that nobody is thrilled with 'teaching to the test.' 

Students will still have to pass tests before graduating, just not as many.  Students who will want to take more credits in high school in order to further their opportunities will do so.  But those who don't have plans of obtaining an undergraduate degree should be allowed some flexibility. 

Last thing:  Justin Bieber owns a capuchin monkey.

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