Wednesday, February 20, 2013


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Of all the toys, games, gadgets, and things I've owned throughout my life, the bicycle, with all its variations over the years, has left some vivid memories in my mind.  I remember learning to ride at a young age by going around in circles in our yard with the help of a neighborhood friend.  When I passed my CCD tests, I remember racing home on a blue ten-speed excited to tell my family.  And I remember wiping out on a BMX model after attempting to jump over a friend's bike.  My brother rushed to me with concern; all I could do was laugh nervously from the pain.

In my adopted barrio I don't see any kids out biking.  There are many reasons for that, I'm sure.  But it's one more thing that I've noticed that's slowly disappearing from the old neighborhoods.  I do see kids out and about, but a bike is not part of the equation nowadays.

The only constant in the old neighborhoods seems to be residential mechanic garages.  And now it seems that tire shops are on every other corner.  Our barrios need change.

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