Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Scratch My Back

Power outage in area of South Central Laredo

By Laredo Morning Times
Published: Tuesday, January 15, 2013 10:08 PM CST

A power outage has been reported in South Central Laredo along Chihuahua Street.

At about 9 p.m. today, a vehicle struck a light pole at Chihuahua and McClelland Avenue, knocking out power in the area, said District Chief Eloy Vega, Laredo Fire Department spokesman.

No serious injuries were reported in the crash.
Last night the Keyrose household had to eat everything in the refrigerator to avoid any food from going to waste.  The decision was made after the electricity was interrupted.  But it wasn't just our house that was without power; The whole neighborhood was pitch black. 
For a couple of hours we sat together with nothing but candles giving off light.  Thankfully a portable DVD player briefly kept us entertained.  Later we learned that a vehicle crash caused the power outage.  (Thanks to the L.F.D. spokesman for the info.)
A subject I wanted to blog about last night was the lawsuit that Eduardo "Mr. Uni-Trade" Garza brought against VIDA, Hector Farias, and Jose Valdez Jr.  The LMT featured a story on it yesterday.  Apparently a judge allowed the case to go forward.  Mr. Garza supposedly has evidence of slanderous comments made against him, and the mayor, city manager, and four council members (Vera, San Miguel, Liendo, Garza) have provided affidavits that help his case. 
This whole case is funny because VIDA, and Dr. Hector Farias put themselves forward to highlight the all-too-cozy relationship between Mr. Eduardo Garza and city council.  Now that a lawsuit is underway, the mayor, city manager, and council members are all too ready to oblige their political patron with sworn affidavits.  In doing so, they highlight what Farias is trying to point out. 
If somebody made a claim against Mr. Garza that he's a gun runner, or drug dealer, or abuser of dogs, then he should fight his own battles, and prove that he's an upstanding individual.  Don't call on those that stand to benefit from your financial benevolence to speak for you, especially when conflicts of interest exist.  And city hall has to stop using the word transparency if it's going to get upset and retaliate against anybody who asks questions about its business.

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