Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The Mayor's 'Physical' Cliff And Diet

Mayor Raul Salinas was on Pro8news once again yesterday expounding (there was actual pounding of the news desk) on the generosity of HEB's Feast of Sharing event this weekend, and the work that Congress needs to attend to in order to avoid the proverbial fiscal cliff.  The mayor felt the need to inform us that he didn't sample the turkey offered at the Civic Center because he's on a diet.  Good for him.  Now if we can only get him to go on a verbal diet.

The mayor loves to ramble on about any subject; he's like a Bill Clinton, except without the smarts and focus.  At last night's council meeting he hurried people along because of the long agenda.  Still, that didn't stop him from putting in to the conversation his long-winded praises and acknowledgements. 

His orations over the years have been hard to endure.  And the mayor's gotten into some sticky situations  that haven't ended well.  But more interesting, I think, is his evolving style over the years.  He's gone from hair, to no hair, to glasses, to cowboy hat, and back to no glasses.  He's channeld everyone from Tony Levin, to Dick Armey, to Ron Burgundy.  It's a weird thing.

We'll keep an eye on Mr. Salinas as he slowly fades into the political sunset.  Hopefully between now and the end of his second term we'll be provided with more comic relief from one of Laredo's goofiest mayors.

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