Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Tame Local Elections

The only interesting occurrence of this election was the fact that the Webb County Elections Office was late in reporting any results.  Usually on election night, we're used to getting the first update around 7 p.m. local time.  But it wasn't until 90 minutes later that we started getting any preliminary results.  One explanation for the delay was the fact that every person had to complete two ballot pages at the polls.  This, of course, added to the confusion when it came time for officials to start counting.

Everything else went according to plan.  Martin Cuellar and his helicopter won.  All but one incumbent, Ed Sherwood, won.  And the media blitz, if you can call it that, was pretty low key, and carried out close to November 6.  Overall the whole experience was as inspiring as a Juan Narvaez victory speech.  Hint - that's not a good thing.

If it's one thing that I learned from this election it's that the Latino vote really does count (not Laredo's), and that Donald Trump is as much a blessing and a curse.  He's amusing to a point but you can't believe that somebody in his position can be so dumb.


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