Wednesday, November 28, 2012

In The Way

El Manana reports that local officials are going to start cracking down on people who park used cars on streets, parking lots, or sidewalks with the purpose of selling them.  State law prohibits this practice.

Buyers could encounter pitfalls when doing business in this manner, and sellers don't necessarily adhere to proper business practices that more reputable retailers do, the story contends.  It's okay for a person to sell a car on their own property, however, just not anywhere they please.

I like this idea, even though enforcement of any kind is always elusive.  But it's too often that I see cars parked on the sides of roads with 'for sale' signs on them.  People will use any prime space to sell their wares thinking that it's alright to do so.  But all it does is add to the cluttered landscape, and sometimes acts as a barrier to other cars, or pedestrians.  I wish ticketing officials luck.

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