Monday, November 19, 2012

Bad News Good News

The Laredo Times has for us today two stories of interest -- one that lifts our spirits, and one that reminds us how local wealth affects our lives.  Let's start with the bit of disappointing news.

Mikaela Rodriguez writes about the Killams closing off the old detention center road in northeast Laredo.  This is of note because the road will no longer be available for people that use it for bicycling and jogging.  The Killams defend their decision with concerns of more nefarious activities taking place in the area.  But county officials think this action is related to a bid for the actual dentention center the Killams lost to the Khaledis.  Whatever the reason for the move, the people ended up losing in this case.

The detention center road is not the only place in Laredo for people to exercise, but it doesn't help that it's one less option out there.  A friend recently inquired about Shirley Field access for the public.  If memory serves, the track around Shirley was open in the afternoons for people to go jog or walk.  That is no longer the case.  Naturally my friend was disappointed. 

Friday evening, my son and I went to play a short round of tennis at the Market Street Courts.  It's not really tennis; it's more a game of whacking a green ball around hoping we can shoot it towards one another.  Anyway, I noticed that the city placed fee requirement signs around the facility.  The fees are not outrageous, but time will tell if tennis enthusiasts find other outlets for recreation.

The city may have more places for physical activity, but it seems that access to these areas is dwindling.

On a much lighter side, a Martin High School alum has found success playing basketball at the college level.

Clara Sandoval contributes to the LMT the story of CJ Martinez.

SAN ANTONIO — Former Martin basketball player CJ Martinez always had a goal of playing at the college level ever since he could remember and that is what he set out to do when his playing days were over.

After finishing up his high school career for the Tigers last year, Martinez headed out to Our Lady of the Lake University in San Antonio with one mission on his mind — make the Saints team.

“I knew that they came from a winning program,” Martinez said.

“This program was a good fit for me.

I don’t like losing and they are not accustomed to losing.

Every day you have to leave everything on the floor.”

It's good to read about a Tiger doing good when good news is scarce from the old alma mater.  Hat tip to Mr. Martinez.  He makes Laredo proud

Photo courtesy of Clara Sandoval (LMT)


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