Monday, October 15, 2012

Life On The Border

It was one year ago this weekend that Bordertown: Laredo debuted.  Once the show's only season ended, we didn't hear anybody in law enforcement remind us that any stash of confiscated drugs was 'cartel-related.'  Sifuentes and the gang surely use the phrase every chance they get, but it's out of our consciousness now.

The threat of drug trafficking, human smuggling, and violence is on most people's minds, especially those who live in Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas.  Our law enforcement officials, however, are on the case and they have our backs.  But don't ask 'em to define spillover violence, because they'll probably all answer differently.
There are some definitions for spillover violence, but each has its own limitations and problems. The definition currently used by DHS is "spillover violence entails deliberate, planned attacks by the cartels on US assets, including civilian, military, or law enforcement officials, innocent US citizens or physical institutions such as government buildings, consulates, or businesses. This definition does not include trafficker on trafficker violence, whether perpetrated in Mexico or the US.”

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