Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Keeping It Clean

This business of illegal trash dumping is pervasive in our community.  I applaud the city for setting up cameras to keep a watchful eye on this activity, and for having 311 available for people to report illegal dumpers.  But if you know that this is happening, wouldn't it make sense to provide an outlet in known areas of dumping for people to dispose of waste properly? 

This city has only one satellite station to turn in your recyclable items, at the corner of Clark and McPherson.  There you can hand over your blue bags filled with the acceptable recyclable materials: plastic bottles, paper, cardboard, etc.  But this is unacceptable for a city that continues to grow.  Laredo can't only sanction its citizenry out of bad habits; it has to provide alternatives to the people to actually help keep Laredo beautiful.   

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