Friday, October 5, 2012

Impotent City Council

Laredo Tejas posted the story that appeared in the LMT yesterday concerning action being taken by city council on nepotism rules.
On Monday, City Council voted unanimously to formally request a City Council nepotism prohibition from the police and fire civil service commission in its civil service rules.
City council isn't acting on prohibiting Charlie San Miguel's sons from continuing with the fire department academy because, supposedly, Carlos and Roberto fall under civil service rules.  The city is the hiring authority and the city charter clearly states that relatives of council people, or the mayor can't be hired.  But that's not good enough for council, I guess.

I asked a couple of council members to give me their input on what they voted on on Monday, but only one responded, and I was directed to the city attorneys office.

Mr. Zone Nguyen, Asst. City Attorney, said that council wants to make sure that nepotism rules apply to fire dept. personnel and police officers.  He doesn't think that the new rule for employees who fall under civil service will take long to institute, but he said that Roberto and Carlos can be allowed to serve in the fire department if the rule is enacted after the sons graduate.  Mira, que chulos.  

I conveyed to him that the city is the hiring authority in all this, but he stressed that civil service rules are not consistent with the city charter, and therefore it provides an obstacle for the city to act. 

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