Friday, October 26, 2012

His Name Is Robert Paulson

It's unusual to grow up admiring certain people and then finding out later on in life that they're just a bunch of jerks.  I shouldn't be so harsh.  People of different political leanings oftentimes are related, socialize casually, or just challenge each other without having things escalate into destructive exchanges, or outcomes.  Nevertheless, it's disappointing when the likes of Meatloaf and Janine Turner espouse beliefs that are so different from mine.

I'm no Meatloaf fanatic, but I've enjoyed his music over the years, and have seen him act as well.  From a distance I've liked the guy, but now my admiration has soured.  He, and others, have done the opposite of the Sour Patch Kids.  Other notables that have lost me are: Lynn Swann, Clint Eastwood, and Chuck Norris. 

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