Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Gilberto Garza Saga With The County

Last weekend I emailed a letter to the LMT Editor, but I haven't gotten a call to confirm that I wrote it, and it hasn't appeared in the pages of the Times.  So I'm just going to post it here; that's why, after all, I started this blog, to have more autonomy with my comments.  Enjoy.

As the issue of nepotism plays out for the City of Laredo, commissioners over at Webb County are acting, I hope, on the matter of Gilberto Garza providing false information on his application for the position of Facilities and Maintenance Director.  Supposedly Mr. Garza met the minimum requirements for the job, but the issue at hand is the information he provided to two local governmental entities.

In 2009 Mr. Garza applied to the city and listed on his resume one set of employers that went back to the early 2000s.  As references he gave the names of local business people, including his uncle, celebrated City of Laredo backer Eduardo Garza.  Surely that name jumped out for people at City Hall.

When Gilberto Garza applied to the county recently, he gave hiring officials a different list of employers for the previous decade.  I don't doubt that he's a hard-working individual who might have held two jobs at different stages within the last ten years, while also attending college full-time.  But why give contradicting proof of employment when seeking different jobs within the span of over two years?

For his county application he had his City of Laredo supervisor write him a letter of recommendation.  On top of that, Sheriff Martin Cuellar and Councilman Charlie San Miguel vouched in writing for Mr. Garza.  Que mas quieres?  The Charlie San Miguel nod is questionable, however, since San Miguel is still waiting for compensation from the county in regards to work he performed for the Community Action Agency.

Mr. Garza must now oversee 50 employees and a $1.9 million budget.  Let's hope his abilities are better than his selective memory, and let's hope Commissioners Court addresses his tactics and not so much the people he knows.

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