Tuesday, September 11, 2012

That's The FBI Talking

The mayor on Laredo's lack of diversity.
"In Laredo, it's a unique border city...a great city. The minority is actually the majority."
It's definitely a unique city -- all the stray dogs will tell you as such.  Mayor Salinas speaks of the Hispanic population majority in Laredo with a sense of pride, as something that has evolved over the years.  It's his way, I suppose, of putting a positive spin on our census.  It's PR and nothing else.  I'm confused, however, at him challenging the city to combat the problem of obesity. 

Via the City of Laredo:

The competition consists of Mayor Raul G. Salinas signing the pledge, making a video in which he challenges another community mayor to take the pledge, and facilitating a community wide health event. With these activities, Laredo will earn points. . “The more the entire community gets involved, the more points Laredo scores.  Also and more importantly, we will hopefully positively impact and improve the health of our Laredo community,” said Mayor Raul G. Salinas.

OK then.

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