Friday, September 14, 2012

Poncho Sanchez To Be Recognized

The Latin Recording Academy will honor Laredo's Poncho Sanchez this November in Las Vegas.  The percussionist will receive the recognition alongside other distinguished artists, such as Luz Casal, and Rita Moreno.

Earlier this year, two veteran musicians from Laredo lamented the fact that the community doesn't have a location to honor the artists that have gone on to experience success in the music industry.  A hall of fame of sorts could be established to recognize Laredo's talented people, and to inspire those with dreams of pursuing a music career, they thought.  I couldn't agree more. 

Just last month, Dante Schwebel performed on Late Night with his band Hacienda.  Miles Zuniga of Fastball can boast about selling a million records.  And singer Pete Astudillo can add actor to his list of credits, having appeared in the movie "Selena."  There are surely others that can be added on to this list; perhaps you can help me with that.  For now, let's give it up for Poncho Sanchez.

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