Thursday, September 6, 2012

How's This?

 The picture above is not the clearest.  I'll try to edit the shot later using better tekmology.

Pictured above are two mailboxes being held up with scrap pieces on concrete.  There may be several explanations for this.  One could be that the receptacles were weak and needed some support.  Another explanation could be that the resident doesn't like to throw anything away, but instead incorporates throwaways into the landscape design.  (It's like I have a twin)  Or it could all just be a coincidence and somebody is waiting to have the cement pieces hauled away.  At any rate, the shot points to Laredo's knack for do-it-yourself worksmanship.

In related news, KGNS brings us a story about locals unable to afford to fix their A.C.  LaredoTejas compares our water fees with those of McAllen's.  Here's a hint: they're not the same.  And El Manana reports that gasoline is expensive in Laredo.

Laredoans are feeling the pinch one way or another.  Naturally, our city leaders think it's a good idea to raise fees for an assortment of services.  Good day, Laredo!

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