Thursday, September 27, 2012

Cemetery Lawn

Sunday we went out to the veterans cemetery to do a little lawn maintenance on a relative's plot.  It wasn't back-breaking work -- just a little TLC to tidy up the rough edges.  A gentleman, who looked like a private contractor, was out there on a riding mower, going up and down the area.  We watched him do his work after we were done.  He had to take frequent breaks because visitors kept coming and going throughout the time we were there.   

We didn't stay long enough to see how the grass between the markers was mowed, and if the grass debris was brushed away from the name plates.  Apart from the lawn, we noticed that there's a lot more maintenance that has to be kept up with, such as the dead trees that are being taken down.  In the upper right hand corner of the photo above you can see a large metal trash container.  It had large tree branches, and pallets for some reason.

A lady I spoke to from the cemetery told me that no volunteers help with the grounds upkeep.  And she didn't ask me if I was interested in helping.  Interesting.

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