Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Always A Reason To Celebrate

By some miraculous circumstances, the Laredo Lemurs are headed into the playoffs after clinching the American Association South Division.  That couldn't have come at a better time as we were in desperate need of political photo ops.  Lord knows they're few and far between.

The excited energy is clearly palpable in the image above as our city leaders get ready to host the first playoff game at Uni-Trade Stadium on Wednesday.  It's not so clear with Mr. Olivares on the far left as he's sporting a dark, slimming coat.  But his loafers scream with anticipation.  Mr. Eduardo Garza, seen wearing a snug lilac polo, attended the event to make sure everything runs smoothly at his facility.  Mr. Rendon (green top) seems to be distracted -- perhaps thinking of his looming retirement.  And Mr. Schuster.....yes, he was there.

Go out and get drunk and support the Lemurs as they make baseball history tomorrow.  And don't forget to take a picture with Pancho the Lemur.  He's neutered, microchipped, and ready to go.   

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