Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Members of VIDA (Voices In Democratic Action) once again made their concerns known to city council at last night's meeting as they move forward with the ethics commission, but this time they raised the stakes by asking for Charlie San Miguel's resignation.  However, soon after Dr. Hector Farias started his comments, City Attorney Raul Casso interrupted him and reminded everybody in attendance that public comments cannot include any derogatory statements.  It didn't get better after that.

(video courtesy of the LMT)

While I don't agree with VIDA asking San Miguel to resign, I think they should continue to pressure council to install and maintain an ethics commission that will be unbiased, and transparent.  The code of ethics should also have some teeth to keep city leaders honest.  We cannot have political insiders (Mr. Adolfo Campero) editing the book on ethics when they've been tied to businessmen that have benefitted from council votes. 

I find it amazing that the city attorney, and Charlie San Miguel would take issue with anybody trying to bring up the issue of conflict of interest.  It's almost as if they don't understand what the ethics committee stands for.  Either that or they are just trying to stifle the actions of Dr. Farias and VIDA. 

Charlie San Miguel has to get it through his Pablo Montero hairdo that cronies won't fly in independent committees.  And Raul Casso needs to understand that VIDA is not going around making outrageous comments.  They are simply connecting the dots on relationships that aren't on the up and up where ethics are concerned.  If anybody needs to go it's Mr. Campero.  And Charlie San Miguel needs to expand his circle of friends and acquaintances.  Certainly there's somebody out there just as capable as the formidable Mr. Campero to assist VIDA in their duties. 

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