Sunday, August 12, 2012

Politics And Gardening

At least one person had a good weekend.  In the runoff election recount, Mike Montemayor held on to his victory as he came out on top once again in the race for county commissioner Pct. 1, this time by ten votes.  Congratulations to him.  To Frank Sciaraffa, we wish him well.  His yearly Christmas party, however, may not be too festive this time around.

As the political landscape reached a fever pitch, so did the local climate.  La canicula seems to have picked up some steam this weekend, and the locals are just itching for a change.  Heat indices are expected to reach 109 degrees today.

Naturally, with drought conditions in full swing, barrio gardeners make much more efficient use of native plants, and they keep their water use to a minimum.  But apart from that, plant enthusiasts also employ different materials in their landscape, as you can see in the picture above.

And old palm tree is adorned with a succulent, flowering ground cover, all kept in place with cinder blocks.  In the background, small tubs are used as planters, and placed on milk crates for effect.  It's an understated container garden, but one that catches the eye.  

This has been Politics and Gardening.  Enjoy your Sunday.

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