Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Big Woof Out To Dogs

I love dogs but I've never owned one in my adult life.  And I'm not going out to get one, especially if it's going to be bringing home human body parts.  But I have to give it up to the stray dog who helped local authorities find the remains of a John/Jane Doe.  Good recovery work if I do say so myself.

Dogs are amazing:  They can help seek people out; they can help veterans with PSTD; and they can even sniff out cancer in a human body.  They are truly remarkable animals.  Except for chihuahuas -- those I can't stand. 

If I ever decide to adopt a dog, I'm going to train it to sniff out politicians who are accepting gifts that go over the limit.  For kicks, I'll let it conduct political polls.  Perhaps it'll give me better results than the ones local pols have used.      

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