Monday, August 13, 2012

"With A Tooth Comb"

KGNS extended yet another courtesy to our mayor by allowing him to appear on the midday newscast.  Raul Salinas has been on the program every week for quite some time now, and he doesn't seem to say anything new.  Today, Noraida Negron started the segment by having the mayor bring us up to speed on the search for a new police chief.  He went on for over two minutes, saying what he's been saying ever since Chief Maldonado announced his retirement.  I'm surprised Noraida didn't doze off during the interview.

What could've taken twenty seconds to say was stretched mightily, probably the best thing to do on a slow news day.  I, however, cannot get that time back and end up coming out on the losing side.

In rambling (as he does all the time) this afternoon, the mayor caused himself to botch the expression, "with a fine tooth comb."  He probably thinks that, after six years in office, he's a good ad libber.  Or he probably thinks that nobody's watching the news at noon so he doesn't give a shit and just goes on and on and on.......

Whatever the case, KGNS should have "Heatwave" Berler standing in the background keeping time.  When the mayor drifts off, a bell should be rung.  Seriously, our mayor needs some kind of timer, perhaps a lightning round of some sort.  He should be given fifteen seconds to chime in on a litany of subjects.  Then we could see how good he really is. 

I have not been impressed by the mayor, to say the least.  His FBI training has not done anything for him.  If I could add anything to the interview it's an image of Mckayla Mulroney next to the Pro8news logo.

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