Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The More Things Change...

Kudos to VIDA (Voices In Democratic Action) for pressing city council to act on having an ethics commission in place.  What that means for our elected officials is that they have to be as transparent as they said they were going to be when they ran for office.
"It says, look, if you guys are going to expect Spurs tickets and trips to South Padre Island you need to disclose that."
There are ways around ethics commissions, and committees, and ordinances, but it's good to see people trying to keep our elders honest.

Here's a passage of the FOREWORD (written by Mike Herrera) found in Fernando Piñon's "Patron Democracy."  It's relevant as can be to our current state of affairs.
In effect, Piñon gives us an insight into why Laredo is the way it is,a town full of contradictions.  In Patron Democracy, we become aware of why there is so much poverty amidst affluence, why Laredo has so many unpaved streets, why it lags behind other cities of comparable size in municipal services, in economic development, and why its citizens have allowed all these things to take place.
Our current mayor has been outspoken on several subjects recently -- He's written about Laredo's assets; he's shot back at people who say that Laredo is unsafe; and he's on a mission to increase voter turnout.  What I want to see in his next media blitz is a demand for council to act on an ethics committee.  Watch out, Huffington Post.  The mayor is going to bring it.

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